What To Expect

Right from your very first call to the office, you will be amazed at the ease and professionalism of the good service you receive.

Our receptionist will ask questions that will help us determine how to help you best. It is easy to schedule your first visit to see the doctors, and most new patient appointments can be scheduled for the same or next day.

The doctor will listen to your history and concerns and proceed to determine the nature of your problem. An examination involving orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests will be performed based upon what your condition needs. If warranted, xrays would be taken at that time. Previous tests by other doctors may be requisitioned to help us determine the best course of action for you. Our doctors utilize MRI’s, CT scans, bone scans or previous xrays and a variety of other tests to help you.

An extensive report on how we may be able to help or what other options you have will than be given to you. It is always up to you, the patient, to determine what is in your best interests.

The doctors at McCormack Chiropractic pride themselves in giving you the answers you need to help you determine the best course of action. With a thorough understanding of your circumstances, you can then start your journey to better health.

We have experience in a wide variety of cases. No patient is too difficult or has a problem that cannot be examined and considered for chiropractic care. Many patients are unaware that chiropractic can help them because they have previously been told there is no help for them or they are unaware of the difference that McCormack Chiropractic offers.

It is never too late to make the call to find help today!


1st Visit


3 Phases of Care

Phase 1 – Relief Care

Phase 2 – Corrective Care

Phase 3 – Wellness Care