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Car accidents can cause cervical disc injuries and remain injured at 2 years follow up, without treatment. This article shows what most chiropractors know and see everyday, that auto accidents can cause long term chronic pain.
Car accident victims get better after failure with medical treatment and are suffering with chronic pain. Chiropractic treatment began long after car accident occurred.
Is it safe to recieve chiropractic for herniated discs? This article discusses medical doctors and patients fears about disc injuries and treatment. In a word, YES. It is essential if the patient wants to recover.
Injured discs can cause pain and do not always need surgery to heal. Chiropractors have long known that they can help disc injuries and that surgery is used too often, too soon. Should medical doctors held at fault for not referring to a chiropractor?
Low back disc injuries with radiculopathy (sciatica) get better with chiropractic.
Disc Herniations can reduce after non-surgical treatment. Some patients get better clinically even though the disc herniation is still there. Surgery is not an absolute must for a disc herniation, in fact, it may be better to wait and use conservative care first.
Do discs cause pain? Many patients are told they have a muscle pull or strain. This article shows that discs have nerve fibers that can cause pain.
Disc injury can cause radiculopathy This article proves that a disc bulge can cause a referred pain into an arm or leg, even though there is no nerve entrapment. The sensory nerves in a disc are the same nerves into the extremity and the pain signal gets sent to the extremity by accident.
Can low speed auto accidents cause injuries in a person? Many insurance companies say no, but this study proves otherwise. People are injured by the forces that are placed on them, which vary with the spped of the collision. Low spped collisions do not damage the car, but unstead transfer most of their force to the occupant.
Disc injury science Heavy scientific reading on what actually happens in a disc injury.
Joint Surgery Creates Increased Adhesion Formation Why do some people have problems after surgery and not others? Why does McCormack Chiropractic try to help patients after a failed surgery, or, why should you visit a chiropractor after a surgery? This article describes some of the long term side effects of surgery, whether it is a “good” surgery or “poor” surgery.
Workers Compensation costs lower and recovery faster with Chiropractic than with medicine.
Chiropractic versus drugs or acupuncture A good article on the research supporting Chiropractic. It compares Chiropractic to pain killers and acupuncture.
Anatomy of a Golf Injury good article on how golf can cause injuries that linger. Many golfers think the aches and pains go away or are not serious.
Essential Fatty Acids Shown To Improve Performance in Children With ADHD and Dyslexia What every parent should know. This supplement may help your child.
Antioxidant Supplementation in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Role of Chiropractic in the Treatment of ADHD This article is a story of 3 patients with ADHD. It is not a scientific study but an idea that chiropractors find true in practice all the time. Patients can respond and get better without drugs and modern medicine. The body can fix itself if given the opportunity too.
Orthotic inserts can help improve golfers game
Massage is more than a good sensation